Bark Collar With Remote – How To Choose?

Though it is a natural impulse, dog barking is in some cases regarded to be a nuisance. There are several methods in the book used to help control the dog barking. Most of them involve the training of the dog. The latest dog barking control method is the use of bark collar with remote.

bark collar with remote

Stopping a dog not to bark is not a walk in the park and may be a long drawn effort. The use of the no bark devices may in some cases prove to be quite expensive and in human to the dog. Animal activists have therefore been at the fore in advocating against some of the strategies used in dog barking training.

These are not your usual remote controlled devices that you know; their aim is simple, to help stop the prevalent cases of the dog barking when not required to. The important thing about the remote collar is that they are good for controlling the dog even when not within your sight.

Types Of Bark Collar With Remote

There are several types of dog collars found in the market. These are in the form of;

  • Vibration collars– these are meant to vibrate at the instant of the remote control being pressed. Some of them have the capacity of sending the commanding signal that IDs only heard the barking dog, and so the dog stops. [Recommenced buy Barkwise Collar here!]
  • Shock collars– these are usually made to give the dog a shock signal at the instant of pressing the remote control. Shock collars are usually some of the most criticized dogs collar training methods.
  • Citronella collars– these work on the principle of light and smell that is spread on the dogs face on activation. The light and the unpleasant smell send the dog into timidity.
  • Pulse collars– they also work on the principle of shocking on the dog’s body that deter it from barking.
  • Ultrasonic collars– these use the effect of some chilling sound to send the dog into silence.

How Do They Work?

Most of the bark collar with remote devices are usually just devices that require the dog trainer to set up and learn how to use. However, there is a method that is usually meant to ensure that the proper functioning. The collars are usually used in the following way;

  • Agitation of the dog– learn the dog’s behavior to ensure and know the specific points of action that make it agitated to bark. This is a very important step in making the training of the dog collar work.
  • Setting the collar– because the remote control is an electronic device, it needs to be set up to be in conformity with the dog’s behavior to help detect the dog’s agitation levels.
  • Command– the dog trainer is usually expected to give a stern command while pressing adjusting the remote device until the area where the dog stops to bark when it hears the command not to bark. This process is usually repeated to achieve the best collar set up which suits the dog.
  • Observation– the period of observing the dog usually involves the dog trainer checking on how the dog takes in the various commands and quietly. At this time, the remote control is not to be pressed at all but if the response is not forthcoming, the levels of the intensity detection on the collar can be adjusted to work well.

Why The Dog Collar?

There are some of the electronic dog training devices which have been found to be quite unsafe for used on the dog. The uses of most of the remote controlled bark collar with remote have been praised for their efficiency yet high safety levels.

Because the remote used on most of these collar devices is rechargeable, the cost of bark control is seen to be quite lowered. The inclusion of Bluetooth remote devices has even brought a new twist to dog training given that most of the modern devices conveniently usable at the comfort of your mobile phone.

However, the anti bark shock collars that are also remote controlled are found in this group and has been accused by the animal activists to cause confusion on the behavior of the canine.

The dog collar training devices are acceptable in many countries for use in curbing the dog noise menace; the only catch with their use is that different areas have diverse rules governing their use. Failing to adhere to the legal requirements may land the dog trainer into problems with the law.

The use of the bark collar with remote has been gaining much dust in the current dog training arena. With their use, your dog is not likely to cause public or private nuisance that may be in some cases a tortuous offense requiring payment of damages to your neighbors legally.