Barkwise - Best Vibration Bark Control Collar Reviews

Barkwise – Best Vibration Bark Control Collar Reviews

Introduction– if you train your dog, so it shall be. That is the plain rephrase I saw on the gate of one of the most popular dog training companies in town. However, none of the training methodologies that I have come across has intrigued me like the Barkwise bark control collar method.

Barkwise Bark Control Collar

The Barkwise product has left both friend and foes gaping for breathing. With a string of innovative products in its fold, the dog training methods by Barkwise works in an amazing manner.

The Barkwise Company has been in the pet training industry for close to two decades that inform its popularity in the area. However, it is the innovative touch infused into this system that is likely the reason for the huge sales the company has made.

Is It That Effective?

The use of this product has been well tested and found to be working so well. This tool uses the synchronization of the dog’s body to be able to give its impressive results. Also, the collar is made in different sizes and able to fit on the neck of diverse dog sizes.

Its Features

Given the special nature and the innovativeness of the company, the Barkwise bark control collar has the following features;

  • A remote control– controlling the behavior of your dog from the comfort of your chair has never been this easy. By just snapping the desired behavior, the dog will be instantly impulse to behave as desired. This feature is important in reducing some shameful behavior the dog may develop.
  • Electric collar– the battery powered collar is made to respond to the diverse dog stimuli as may be desired by the dog trainer or owner.
  • Rechargeable battery– this feature allows for the use of this dog training device no matter what. It is this feature that makes it cost effective and easy to use at the same time. There is no need for trips to the shop.

How Does It Work?

Using the most reliable sources of power in the form of rechargeable battery, the Barkwise bark control collar has been found to work on the following principles;

  • Vibration detection– borrowing a leaf from one of the renowned technologies from Cesar Millar, who used vibration control to deter the barking of some stubborn dogs, the vibrations are detected at every instant the dog wants to bark. The vibrations that are detected a retraction at the neck of the dog thus pacifying the aggressive behavior the dog may have. This ensures that the pet owner enjoys serene environments without the disturbance from the pet.
  • Ultrasonic sound detection– this method that uses high pitch is a unique noise control mechanism where the collar can detect the lowest sound to the point of a whisper from the dog. The method allows the dog to remain attentive to its stimulus without making any noise.
  • Audio system– the sound system is an option within the Barkwise collar and is used in training the nonhearing dogs. Also, this feature is important for the dog trainer to follow the functionality of the Barkwise.

  Barkwise Collar

Its Advantages

  • Quiet enjoyment– with the collar on the dog, you can be sure to enjoy your quiet company with your dog without having to worry about the dog’s behavior.
  • Safe– having a dog with hostile behavior can in some cases be a thorn in the flesh of the dog owner. With the Barkwise bark control collar, you are not likely to have cases of dog bite within the home.

The Disadvantages

  • May affect the dogs behavior– as man's best friend, the dog is usually a good protector of the owner’s property and life. This behavior control gadget makes the dog docile and may not be good for any security dog. Also, the instrument may cause some pain in the dog’s neck which the dog may not like at all.


The desire to enjoy quiet environments may drive one to getting this gadget. It is an effective behavior control tool that is worth every coin it costs. However, considering the role for which the dog is kept, it may not be the best for security dogs for instance. Buying it requires many backgrounds and a clear focus on what the dog is to do in the home.

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Though the Barkwise bark control collars may be the most effective dog bark control machines, it may not be the only one. Going around may help give you an idea of another better gadget. Given the human focus it has, it may score better than most of its competitors.

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