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Overview– you may be one of the individuals who are struggling with having to put up with some stubborn dog. The worst part of it is when the dog in question is not even yours, yet barks endlessly. Though several avenues have been formed which claim to deal with the problem, the dog silencer may be the best of them all.

 dog silencer stops dog barking

Like the name suggests, the device is made to ensure that the behavior of any noise making dog is effectively controlled without any fuss. The company making the device boasts of the innovativeness never seen on most of its competitors.


The dog silencer has some of the following features;

  • A remote control system– this allows the user to control the dog at any given distance without having to move. With this, as long as the dog is within its range will stop barking even if it is your neighbors’ pet.
  • Wall mounting– with the need for more dog bark controls, this gadget can be fitted on the walls and fences of the compound thus help control the dogs’ behavior remotely without the dog owner getting involved.
  • Battery power– this is seen to be the best alternative and makes it work even in places with no electric power connections. Also, the battery power is boosted to work twice as much as its competitors.
  • Weather-resistant is covering– this feature allows the gadget to work for long and does its work in all the changing weather conditions. The user does not have to worry about the eventuality of the gadget being affected by rain or extreme sunny conditions.
  • Good bark detection range– at a good sound detection radius, the gadget can deter any levels of noise from any range within its remote control detection system. It is in this area that it is considered to be more superior. This is further strengthened by the high-pressure transducer that can detect and send noise from far distances.

How Does It Work?

The dog silencer has some of the best bark detection levels ever seen in the industry. It only needs to be powered and will detect any barking from any source. This triggers the gadget to send a high-pitched sound heard only by the dog that has the effect of pacifying the dog instantly. Also, with its continued use, the dog is bound to learn not to bark at all times and so ensure the environment remains quiet.

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Its Benefits

  • Reduced dog barks– the need to put up with the deafening noise from dog barks will be in the past with this gadget. It is fitted with the high-pressure transducer that has the ability of detecting and carrying the sound signals from any given distance.
  • It is portable– with the small body covering and the use of small battery power, the silencer can be easily carried from place to place.

Its Advantages

  • Shock free effects– with the lack of shock on the dog, the dog silencer prides itself to be the most humane way of achieving the most serene environment in your home without bodily harm to the dog.
  • Its cost effectiveness– looking at the price at which this gadget is sold and the competitors’ prices. It is clear that you are bound to get a whole lot more including remote dog training at very little.
  • Durability– the resistant weather gadget can be sure to serve you for longer than most of its competitors.


Though this seems to be among the best, its use may in some cases have some negative influence on the surroundings. One notable disadvantage includes;

  • Privacy intrusion– with this gadget, interfering with the behavior of your neighbors’ dog is just at the tap of the activation button. This may increase cases of burglaries and robberies in the homes where dogs are docile.

Good Life The Dog Silencer Reviews & Testimonials: It's improve from old product name “Dog Silencer Pro


If you have been looking for some reliable dog control gadget, reading this could be the best thing that happened to you. Of all the dog training gadgets, this is highly recommended for use around the home if you may ask me.


Knowing which gadget to buy has proven to be so hard given the duplication of roles most have. Decisions involve much making conclusive research on the gadget you intend to buy. This may be just what fits your money and need.

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