Electronic Pet Fence - Your Pets Won’t Leave You Anymore

Electronic Pet Fence – Your Pets Won’t Leave You Anymore

The electronic pet fences have opened a new era in the field of technology. Pets can be very naughty sometimes. They love themselves to play all the day and keep running here from there. They do need to stretch their bodies. That is why they need a minimum space for exercise with freedom.

electroic pet fencesThe best place for this is your yard. They enjoy their workout with fresh air and feel the nature. They think it is the safest place on earth for them. However, sometimes it could be their worst nightmare. They are not safe all time. If your home is on the road side, the cars can make some mischief. Your neighbor will not like your pet as an intruder on their lawn. Even you do not want your pet to play with your flower beds, your swimming pool or some other areas in your compound.

You do not need to think about it anymore, whether you have the electronic pet fences. It is not a normal fence. Ordinary fences are much expensive, and they make your yards impression dull. However, the new electronic fences are much effective, and there are affordable for all.

How Electronic Pet Fences Works?

The system creates an invisible boundary around your property that is not passable for your pet. However, it is not harmful at all. The safety is the first thing to ensure, and that feature gives to it.

Mainly there is two kinds of electronic pet fences are on the market. Those are

  1. Wired Fence
  2. Wireless Fence

They both are effective in their way and use extensively. Here are some words about these.

1. Wired Electronic Pet Fences

In a wired system, you will have to bury a wire antenna all around the area that you want to cover with fences and connect to the main switch with your running socket. It will deliver a radio signal to the antennas that you buried in your compound. You will not see, but you just started an invisible boundary around your area. However, your work does not finish yet. Your pet has to keep a receiver device with its collar. Seems to do here. Now if your pet tries to cross the boundary you created with the wider electronic pet fences, it will receive a corrective provocation with electric current. By this, your pet can learn to stay out of restricted areas.

The wired system has some advanced features. You can put your fences as large you like and it can give any shapes and sizes. First, you can surround your whole yard and then cover the other areas like flower beds, swimming pool, etc.

2. Wireless Electronic Pet Fences

This system is similar to wired fences, but the boundary that is created by this system is not similar at all. The main device has centered on the area that is going to cover. The device is more like a router that provides shock field around the area. It creates a circular field over your lawn. Your dog will receive an electric shock provocation. As it learns to stay inside the marked area.

The wireless system is much easier to set. However, it does not have the ability to change its boundary. You cannot change or reduce the radius of the boundary, even if it is touching the edge of the street. Your whole yard cannot cover it. So you can just restrict your dog's movement in a minimum area of your backyard.

A wireless system is easy to install and much effective for the houses those are modified on the center of your property. However, unfortunately, most of the houses are not perfectly constructed that way, symmetrically. For that, a wired electronic pet fence is probably the best for it.

Indoor Wireless Electronic Pet Fence Features

1. Design

The ultrasonic system is cheaper than infrared devices because it allows people to go and come without triggering the alarm. The sonic alarm is triggered only when your pet is individual electronic transmitting collar. The Range is fully adjustable from 1 to 35 feet.

2. Battery

Some electronic fences provide a battery backup also as a protection includes 1 receiver battery 1 collar battery and both use for 2 months.

To keep your pet safe, you should surely afford an electronic pet fence. Stay happy and live happy with your pets.

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