Fetch GPS Pet Tracking Collar Reviews

Fetch GPS Pet Tracking Collar Reviews

Do you have a dog at home? If you do, then probably you are aware of this fact. It welcomes you with extreme joy and jumps around you as if you are the only person on earth. Imagine how sad you will be if this pet suddenly gets lost one day. This is where technology steps in. Fetch GPS pet tracking collar is one of those gadgets which help you keep track of your beloved dog very easily.

fetch gps pet tracking collar

In this hectic lifestyle, people have forgotten to welcome their family members with love after a long day at work. It is probably the same story in your life, as well. Although you may not give this daily schedule a second thought, deep within somewhere in your heart you probably wish that either your wife or children or mom would at least smile at your return from the office every day. This is where a pet dog fills in the gap.

If you are worried about your pet getting lost ever in life, then opting for a suitable tracking collar for the pet will be a good solution. Fetch GPS pet tracking collar is one of the best in this category. In the past, pet owners had to roam around without any definite idea in search of their lost pets. However, with the introduction of these pet tracking collars, finding lost dogs or cats have become a piece of cake for pet owners.

Technology to the Rescue

Fetch GPS pet tracking collar uses the latest technology to assist pet owners to locate their lost dogs with ease. It offers the exact GPS location of your lost dog whenever you wish to get the information. This facility is available anywhere in The States with the help of basic mobile phone coverage. After purchasing the gadget, you will be provided with a phone number for the dog collar.

Whenever you think that your dog is out of sight and wish to get the location of the pet, simply call the given number. You will receive a text message on your phone within a few seconds. This will contain the Google Maps link leading to the location of the dog collar. This is not the end. You will also get to view the battery life of the gadget, time, date, speed at which the dog is moving, and also the collar ID.

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Advantages Of Fetch GPS Pet Tracking Collar

So, you think that using such gadgets can be quite time consuming task and a waste of money? Here are some advantages which will surely prove you wrong.

  • Extremely Fast Response Time: You get to know the location of your dog within a few seconds. Just call the given number and get the location on your mobile phone.
  • Wide Coverage All Across the US: If you have a basic mobile phone coverage, Fetch GPS pet tracking collar can give you coverage anywhere across the US.
  • Very Simple To Use: Several other GPS pet trackers make you download apps on your phone and set up difficult features on your phone before you can use it. On the other hand, Fetch GPS pet tracking collar only demands a simple phone call to get you the location of your lost dog.

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Fetch GPS Pet Tracking Collar Feedback

Many people have used the traditional GPS tracking collars for their pets. They have installed several apps after buying the collar and have been through tough steps before they could use the collar. For such users, Fetch GPS pet tracking collar is a boon in disguise. They find that this GPS Tracker is so easy to use, that now they have come to understand the complexities involved in using others.

The collar weighs just a mere 1.5 oz and comes with a one year warranty. The GPS device works on both 2G and 3G signals and provides an accuracy of approximately 15 feet or 5 meters. Many users have also said that this device provides the speed at which their pets are moving. This helps them judge whether their pets are walking or running or in some car.

Fetch GPS pet tracking collar is one of those GPS tracking devices out in the market, which has made lives very simple for pet owners, especially when their pets get lost. Buy one for your pet and lead a tension free life.

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