Get Yourself A Bark Collar For Shih Tzu

Another small dog whose anti-barking device may make your life quite miserable is the Shih Tzu dog. This tiny dog is usually rarely a barking type and may be one with many problems when scared. The Shih Tzu only barks when there is an aggression against it. When this happens, you may need a bark collar for Shih Tzu.

bark collar for Shih Tzu

The dog is quite tiny and getting the correct collar which fits it may be a very big deal. There are several devices which can be used on the dog including the shock collars. There are some considerations which should be borne in mind before settling for any anti-barking device. These are;

  • Check on the reason for the cause of the bark.
  • Do not have a tendency of using the anti-barking device when the cause is psychological.

The bark collar for Shih Tzu in the form of citronella devices work in the form of sound and spray emissions. The sound are in some cases made in the form of ultrasound devices made by the several companies in the anti-dog bark device market. The most distinct methods of collars for these dogs include;

  • The shock collars– are made to work with vibrations which make the dog go silent when the dog tries to bark. These are the most criticized anti-barking devices, and so most animal rights activist have recommended them to be shunned.
  • The collar sprays– usually use the smell of some nice scent which may distract the canine from the original point of worry.
  • The ultrasound devices which usually include the dog silencer which may be the most Ideal in this case.

Due to their small size, the use of the ultrasound and the sprays has been known to be quite humane if that is what you need to consider. Using the shock collars may not be quite good because it may be a cause of more scare to these dogs, which they usually may not like.

The Shih Tzu dogs fear anxiety and separation and may in some cases run amok when such an eventuality arises. The uses of the ultrasound devices are also seen to create some new stimuli which silence the dog without changing the dog’s natural environment.

The sensitivity of these dogs' body usually makes them quite prone to suffer the effects of the sound. This is the reason the anti-barking devices of the ultra sound types may not be suitable for this group of dog, though quite effective.

The only option when one is looking for the bark collar for Shih Tzu is to resort to the use of the bark collars which emit manageable vibrations. These shock collars can be set to suit the need of the small dog appropriately.

Why You Need The Collar?

These dogs usually need to be draped in anti bark collars for the following reasons;

  • The natural effects of the psychological and physical, trauma usually affect these dogs and so there is a need for the dog owner t have something to help in making the dogs relax. It may take a gradual method for the dog to relax again, and this will need concerted training.
  • The continuous whining sound of these dogs when afraid may be disturbing, the dog collars help in improving the temperament of the dog in this case and help them keep calm; this helps to keep your home quieter.
  • It takes time for them to come back to its real senses. The dogs this will need something which may disorient them from the initial round of scare. The collar vibrations thus create a favorable environment for the dog to come back to its sense.


The anti barking device market has come to be one are of interest to most dog pet owners. Dog noise can make you lose sleep and in some cases make your neighbors’ lives miserable. This may cause many quarrels and at times lead to litigation.

It is important to be able to shop for an appropriate bark collar for Shih Tzu if you want to have a good relation with this your beautiful pet. The whole process, however, complex it may be can help in reducing the anxiety of your dog.