No Bark Dog Collar – How To Select?

Hearing about devices that can make your dog not to bark, yet you are a novice in the area, can be like hearing heavenly news from the devil himself. Barking dog sound can blast your ears especially in the middle of some peaceful meditation or yoga for those who love it. However, the most effective devices are said to be the no bark dog collar devices which are spread across the market.

no bark dog collar

These are devices that either deters the dog from barking or keep the dog’s stimuli activated into keeping the dog as docile as the owner may wish. The ‘modus operandi’ of the devices is just on the same breath as the several ones who use the ultrasound, vibrations, and the shock sensors.

No bark devices are meant to ensure that the dog stays without barking. In the market, the ultrasound devices are preferred because of the nature of their action. By producing a scary sound to the dog each time it intends to bark, the dog is scared away into keeping quiet.

The devices are therefore meant to change the dog’s natural environment and thus replace it with an artificially moderated one, controlled by remote sensors, walls, and other bodily installed devices.

The need to have quieter environments has made the dog collar devices to rise in use and popularity. This is in spite of the raging debate on the pros and cons on their usage. Their choice is pegged on a conclusive study on the overall needs of an individual taking into account the psychological and physical state of the canine in question.

The no bark dog collar devices are some of the hardest to choose. The eventual decision to buy is usually pegged on certain specific factors. These may include;

  • Quality– the issue is as hot as the devices are because without it, buying one will go to naught. Because of the diversity, the user has to get what is relevant for the dog based on the dog’s age, sex, and the emotional state. Poorly made devices can also end up breaking down forcing the buyer to get a new one.
  • Cost– though this should not usually be the biggest consideration, a good dog collar does not need to be expensive.
  • Relevance– this ensures that the device purchased will do the relevant deterrent action. In some instances, having a device to an already docile pet may not be advisable. If you have a hyperactive dog, you have to select something that will make the dog cool down.

The use of the no bark dog collar requires proper training of the dog. The training is usually conducted by qualified individual and following the instruction of the manufacturer of the given device. Should this fail to take place, the dog may be exposed to a grave risk that may not be anticipated at the point of purchase.

With all the considerations in place, the following are the most common collar devices that one can come across in the market;

  • Ultrasonic devices– these use the sound signals arising from the dog as it attempts to bark. The sound is meant to pacify the dog into continued barking. Most of these devices may be remote controlled or some installed devices that work on impulse.
  • Sprays– the use of sprays has also gained much credence in dog control. The film formed around the dog by the light or sound sprays shock the dog and usually deter the dog from barking.
  • Beams– these are also in most cases formed in the form of Sunbeam devices; they only work by emitting a scary light on the face of the dog thus making it docile. These beams not necessarily have to work on the principle of shock.
  • Handheld devices– most of these are collars controlled through a remote control. The handheld devices only act on the prodding of the dog trainer or owner. Though some of these devices may be set up to work independently, their use may prove to be a bit cumbersome if the one using them is not versed in the behavior of the dog.

It is upon the one making the selection of the no bark dog collar devices to keep in mind that the interest of the dog has to be put first in making the purchases decision. Endangering the life of the pet can lead to many problems with the authorities. Keep calm, but do it safely.