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Overview– however much you may have fallen in love with your canine, there may be this irritating habit of barking all the time that may not be quite pleasing to you. There are some instruments sprawling the market and promising the best while in reality giving shoddy services, not with the OnGuard 3 in 1 deterrent. Looking at the OnGuard 3 in 1 deterrent reviews, the latter is a fact.

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Made by the Good life, one of the well-known dog behavior product manufacturers, you can bet on the quality of this product even before reading about it. This is because of the bigger than life portfolio that has been built by this brand as the ultimate one stop shop for any of the dog behavior training and control devices.

However, much one may praise any given product, knowing more about its features may help in making a good purchase pitch if one wants to go that direction. This device also has its share of feature worth looking at. Some of which may be enumerated as below.


  • Small and handheld– this feature may be important especially if one were to be changing positions. It allows for the ease of navigation without worry of bogging yourself with the immense weights.
  • Good seller warranty– because of the surety of the manufacturer, this is one product that comes with a lucrative 45-day warranty on its use. In most of the OnGuard 3 in 1 deterrent reviews, most of the users love this fact and may have contributed to its immense sales. Also, the one-year warranty against defects helps those who buy it have uninterrupted use without worries.
  • Alarm button control– with an enabling hand button, the dog behavior is put in check without having to worry so much of how to control the canine. The device alarm can putting the dog back to quietness especially the sound it sends on the dog’s ear.
  • Dark enabled– with an accompanying flashlight, this is one device that can be used in the dark without problems. Also, most of the devices are fitted with strobe lights.
  • Good user range– though it may be in most cases being recommended that this product be used at close range, its use can be extended to suit the user.

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What Are Some Of Its Benefits?

Using this product comes with the simplicity and convenience that may be quite helpful when that is what you are looking for in an anti-dog bark device.

Negative Side  

Looking at most of the OnGuard 3 in 1 deterrent reviews, a grim picture is in most cases painted on the effectiveness of the device to control dog barks.


The best option available for any meaningful buyer in the market after getting information is to follow your gut sense. The use of discretion is the most golden tool one can employ in any purchase. If yours is simplicity and ease of use, the OnGuard 3 in 1 deterrent may be the best for you. However, if you are looking for something else, then exploring the other equally better and highly rated anti-dog bark devices may be the best option.

Where To Get The Device?

Like the case seen with most of the products from the Good life stable, purchasing this device may be the most convenient if done online. There are several retailers stocking it at the most amazing discounts apart from the manufacturer website. The local retailer across the road may also have this tool if you took a time to look around.

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The need to look at whatever you intend to purchase may save you the agony of buying what may not serve buyer needs. By reading the several OnGuard 3 in 1 deterrent reviews, one can safely say that the user will be assured of making a good purchase decision.

In some cases, the needs of each user differ drastically and may not fit with the other, so the reviews may not be so relevant. Using the product may just give you the ultimate feel of what you may have wanted to have for your dog. I may not be a pessimist, but don’t over rely on the reviews but a real feel of the product!

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