Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Control Birdhouse Reviews

Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Control Birdhouse Reviews

Dogs barking are annoying for some peoples. It can put our minds get rough. However, we just can’t blame the dogs. They just can’t help themselves but bark. But for the sake of humans, we need a proper way to get rid or stop these dogs’ unusual barks. On this demand, modern science has given us a Birdhouse as a gift. However, it is not an ordinary birdhouse. It provides an ultrasonic sound that annoys the dog enough to stop his bark. So what are you waiting for, bring home the bark control birdhouse?

bark control birdhouse
How it Works?

You will have to pick the right spot for the birdhouse, and you can count everything else on the bird house. This gadget has a micro sensor fitted in it. When it hears any sound of the bark, it starts it is (siren). It is an ultrasonic sound that only can be heard by a dog. The sound is so annoying that he can go mad about it and can do anything to stop it. It can give your dog a headache. To get rid of the sound, they can do anything. So they stop barking.

You can pick a tree on the backside of your dog's house or from the fence and hung the birdhouse to a minimum height off the ground. That allows the birdhouse speaker/emitter to clear the fence by foot. You can set the sensor to medium (30-foot detection range) and adjust it later as needed.


  • It uses high-frequency ultrasonic sound to stop barking.
  • It works on most dogs within hearing range- no bark collar needed!
  • Ultrasonic sound provides in a cone shape 150 degrees in the front of the speaker and Covers 1/4 acre. Add extra units for larger yards. It is range up to 50 feet.
  • Microphone detects barking.
  • Uses a 9-volt alkaline battery.
  • Depending on how often the dog barks Low-battery indicator, average battery life is two months.
  • It has 6.1 inches wide x 6.5 inches height x 6.1 inches length body.

Pros & Cons


  1. Can detect dogs bark up to 50 feet.
  2. Safe and secure for all types of dogs.
  3. Have four levels of operations, including a test mode.
  4. Durable and long lasting battery life.
  5. Easy and nice looking instructions book with pictures helps to set up finely.
  6. A metal hanger on the back helps to set it in the right place.
  7. No need to worry about programming or other installations.
  8. Has a great fashionable look, similar to an actual birdhouse.
  9. Two LED informs about battery usage.


  1. Not tested, but a long drop on the ground can harm its plastic frame, and it may get damaged pretty well.

Before You Buy

I have some recommendation for you to consideration to buying a bark control birdhouse.

  • Customer Feedbacks: The device is responsive and is very easy to set up to get functioning. However, its fast response can be fascinating sometimes. Doing something simple like talking to your dog, the device will trigger this. If the makes a single sound in the range of the birdhouse, he will be corrected on the spot. So, once the dog barks, the sonic noise goes off, and he is punished.
  • Precautions: People cannot hear the ultrasonic sound that is provided by the bird house. However, precautions should be taken when setting up the birdhouse.
  • Maintenance: The bark control birdhouse is easy to set up & install. You can easily hang it on a tree or wall. You have the flexibility to install the unit where barking is a problem. Its 2 LED lights conveniently show good or low battery levels. So, you can know it is working properly. It has three bark correction range levels and a test mode also. By this way, it provides quick, customizable installation for the situation.
  • Money Back Guarantee: For this device, upon unsatisfaction, you have the money back guarantee within 45 days. So, you can rely on this device.


It is proven that the bark control birdhouse works pretty well. This dog has a deep bark, which is ideal for running the sensors. The real test is for the dog that how fast it learns. We hope that the dog does not get accustomed to it and learns to ignore the ultrasonic sound gradually. Again, if you have a dog, then this can be a perfect solution to your issues.

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