Stop Dog Barking! 5 Tips To Help You With It

Is it your kid’s birthday next week? Deciding upon a good gift must be taking its toll on your brain, right? Why don’t you gift your kid with a small puppy? With time, it will also become a great companion for your child. Liked the idea? Now the second question may be of the breed. Which breed to opt for, may not seem as simple a decision anymore. One tip to choose the right dog breed is to opt for one which is comparatively quieter than others. Otherwise, when it grows up, and you try to stop dog barking at that stage, you may fail miserably.

stop dog barking

It is rightly said that before you decide to buy a dog, better take some time out from your busy schedule and do some research on the animal. The various breeds to choose from, the pros and cons of each breed, the feeding and living style for each breed are some of the factors to find out. However, if you are wondering about the ideas to help you with stop dog barking in the long run, then here are five tips to help you with it.

Tips To Reduce Dog Barking

1. Ignorance Is Bliss:

  • It may sound crazy to you, but it is true that if you ignore the barking of your dog, eventually it will stop doing so unless it is very important. To stop dog barking, you will have to learn to ignore the barking of your pet for as long as it takes the dog to quieten down. It is said that dogs bark most of the times to catch the attention of its owners. When your pet stops barking, even for a brief moment, treat it with a pat or a biscuit. Gradually it will learn that barking is not important all the time.

2. Get Rid Of Anything That Encourages Him To Bark:

  • Observe what motivates your pet to bark all the time. Whether it barks at passersby from the window or passing cars, try to find out the answer. Once you find out the motivation, try to remove it. This will help stop dog barking in the long run.

3. Train Your Dog To Bark At Certain Commands:

  • Sounds quite illogical, doesn’t it? Well, if you think about it and try to train your dog accordingly, you will feel happy with the results. Teach your pet to stop barking when it hears the command “stop”. When your dog stops even for a few seconds upon hearing the command, give him a treat. This will make him understand that it is supposed to stop barking when it hears “stop”.

4. Ensure Physical Exercises For Your Dog To Keep It Tired:

  • Another trick to stop dog barking is to ensure proper and regular physical exercises for your dog. It has been seen that tired dogs seldom bark unnecessarily. There are some breeds which require long hours of walk to stay in shape. If this is not done then, they tend to gain weight rapidly. Tired dogs lose energy and take a long time to gain the lost energy. This will help the dog to avoid barking.

5. Get Your Dog Accustomed To Anything Which Makes Him Bark:

  • Is there something specific which makes your pet bark often? In that case, try to make his accustomed with the subject. Once he gets accustomed, his barking will gradually decrease. Try to bring the dog at a distance from the stimulus. With time bring him closer so that it helps him get accustomed with the stimulus and quit barking.

There are several other ways to help your dog to lessen its barking frequency. If you think that after trying these ideas it is not giving the desired results, you may try consulting with a dog trainer. He can give more ideas to help in such matters. Although many people love to have a pet dog at home, it is often seen that most of them find it very irritating to take care of the pets.

Dogs are just like small children. With proper and timely care, they can grow up to be responsible family members and also respond to your commands easily. It is also good for you to know that no matter how much you try to stop dog barking, they will always do so since it is the only way they communicate.