The Bark Collar For Golden Retriever vs. Behavior Modification

For those o have encountered problems with this dog breed, one question has been lingering in your minds whether the use of behavior modification may just be the most ideal. This is usually in spite of the fact that the market is indicative of so many bark collar for golden retriever for their use.

bark collar for golden retriever

The main reason which usually lead people to start looking for the viable options is the fact that though the dog as it is may be a cause of much pain to the owner. No love is still lost and the owners may not in some cases opt for something which may injure them emotionally.

Behavior modification in itself is a temporary measure which is meant to adapt the dog to certain stimuli, while not keeping the stimuli permanently in the dogs mind. For instance, some anti barking devices, though quite effective may have this thing around them that makes the dog think that it has to be quite only when the collar is on its neck.

There are instances when you may not wish to have your dog wearing this collar yet you need to have tranquility. Then, if the dog had developed a fixed mindset, then you are truly in trouble. The dog will bark himself off! While this could be so, the process of training a dog to have some level of decorum has worked for many people, to their great relief.

Dog collars, however, have had some reputation worth looking if one were to use them. In the past few years, they were seen as some form of punishment to the dog for the only mistake of trying to do its natural thing, barking.

However, the current crop of anti dog barks devices, the bark collar for golden retriever included, have been associated with many successes. These have been very humane gadgets which just work to the comfort of your dog without having to change the natural behavior of the dog.

It then begs the question which is the best, behavior modification or the anti bark collars? This has proven t be quite risky because of the mere fact that the dog reason for barking has been one area which has remained with many raging debates.

While initially it was assumed that barking was a form of canine aggression, a scientist is coming up with several other reasons causing dog barks which bare worth looking at. Consider this;

  • Anxiety– which is an emotion, can have its cause arising from some fear of the unknown, either threat or loneliness.
  • Isolation– the social nature of a dog entails that it needs company around it.
  • Hunger– when a dog is not fed, it barks to send some message to its owner because that is its way of communicating.
  • Anger– it is still an emotional feeling arising from some aggression in its stimuli, which may not be foreseeable by the owner.

With all these and others in mind, the use of the bark collar for  golden retriever or behavior modification in Toto may in some cases be a hard nut to crack. Most people have never taken their time to know the real cause of the dogs continued barking, to the chagrin of their neighbors.

On one hand, the dog collars of the current generation if used correct have this effect of giving good results on the dog. The main reason is that they have taken the humane dimension with the natural behavior of the dog taking a center stage.

Be it as it may, some behavior modification stints may be required to adapt your dog to the demand of its owner without necessarily having to fix the dog collar on him. It is a delicate balance of natural behavior and science in a bid to control what has been eminently a very contentious issue in human environments.

Whatever you decide, it’s your dog, the only thing which you need to know is that dog training is not your one day affair and may take time, with most of the time risking injury on yourself or the dog. However, when done correct, it is bound to give you just that peace you have just been yearning for. However, if you fail, then get an appropriate bark collar for golden retriever and let the rest take its course.