The PetSafe BC-103 Anti Barking Dog Collar, What You Should Know

It is out there, and all and sundry are aware that the dog bark collars have now become part and parcel of the human coexistence with his friend. However, in a bid to get something safe for the dog, some things have to be put into consideration. The PetSafe BC-103 anti-barking dog collar has been seen to be at the top of the chart.

PetSafe BC-103

The criticisms by the animal activists which have always been directed towards the dog collars have not left the eye of most of the dog behavior control gadget manufacturers. The pet safe are not to be left behind when it comes to ensuring that the dog has only the best.

Why The PetSafe Bc-103?

The manner in which some people try to go around this subject has never pleased me at any time. It is quite simple, let the nail be hit on the head, the dog gadget is superb! Because dogs are the best friends man ever had, they are usually kept close to people. However, there are certain things in their habit that may not go down well with the owner, barking uncontrollably.

Barking control at this level becomes a necessity if not an imperative aspect. The pet safe has been one of the gadgets which are used to help in barking behavior control. However, there are some aspects which most people have not known about the gadget which may interest the users if put in a light. Some of which include;

  • The weight -because it is meant to be worn on the neck. The PetSafe BC-103 anti-barking dog collar has been made just to fit the barking control need of the dog and not bog it down with heavy baggage. It is meant to ensure that the dog remains as happy as before while keeping calm.
  • Operations– the dog collar has been tested and found to work in two sets of steps. It uses the stimulation method which gives the owner the exact amount of stimulation levels of his dog. At the same time, the dog collar is fitted with an automatic corrective system which ensures that the dog well behaves at all times.
  • Design– the overall design of the collar is what drives most dog owners crazy, its adjustability makes it suitable for any dog size without having to worry about the possibility of strangling. This is the main reason this dog collar is usually seen to be fit for use on all sets of dogs in spite of the age, size.

You will not also miss noticing that the dog collar can also boast of having one of the most appealing looks ever. However, this is not the issue, the issue is the material it is made of which is cotton and some leather strap for comfort.

PetSafe Versus Animal Activists

The ever vocal activists have not been able to find a voice to criticize this anti-barking gadget. The vibration nature of the collar has been made into a six-step procedure with the corrective signal playing a big role. This has therefore not been seen to use all of the vibrations to change behavior.

Also, the animal rights activists have always had an issue with the manner in which the vibrations usually affect the canine. It is worth noting that the controlled vibrations are one reason the pet safe company has been able to rise.

PetSafe Versus The Other Anti-Barking Devices

The PetSafe BC-103 anti-barking dog collar has stood the test of time when compared to the other dog collar products which usually hit the market and then fizzle away. I must admit that the range of quality the manufacturer stresses on is phenomenal.

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Most brands have in fact tried to copy the success story of this dog accessory maker but to no avail. The commitment this company has to their clients is unmatched. At the pet safe manufacturing plant, you are likely to find groups of dedicated workers trying to piece around the next details of their assignments.


With the reputation the company has built, it is only prudent if you as a buyer took a time to know the rich options you have, healthy ones to be precise. If compared to most of these dog collars, the canine you use the PetSafe BC-103 anti-barking dog collar on will be a happy one.