The Undoings Of The Shock Collars For Dogs

Though dog training forms the base of good dog handling and use, the fundamentals of dog training have been shrouded with lots of challenges. One of the questions that have been lingering on the lips of most of the animal rights activists was whether the use of shock collars for dogs is safe. The most scientific oriented dog control devices have left most tongues wagging.

shock collars for dogs

The shock impulses are usually based on animal behavior instincts. Barking may be one of the behaviors the dog owner does not like and may wish to eliminate on his dog. This thus uses the positive form of punishment where the stimulus is maintained unlike where it is to be withdrawn. The result of such action is thus the elimination of the barking behavior.

Though there are arguments against and for the application of the method, the shock collars may be the best if the dog in question is an obstinate one which may require some additional effort to tame. The mode of operation of the shock collars has been the main point of contention with most activists questioning the use of electric shocks to tame dogs.

In most cases, the electric intensity is usually set at manageable levels; the intensity can be increased to be too high thus risking the life of the dog. The fear of the dog’s death is imminent with the use of collars if the setting on it is not done properly. The change in the stimuli and then eventual tuning of the dogs mindset may be the two hardest areas for dog trainers to sync.

Looking around, it is clear that the use of shock collars is not one of the most popular of methods in dog training. This informs the fact that the use of the devices is highly regulated in most of the high-flying European countries where artificial dog training methods has always taken the front seat.

However, most studies have found out that if the shock collars for dogs are used in the correct manner. Then the areas of concern are usually put in the backseat, and the eventual benefits can be clearly seen. For instance, the animal activists are always accused of insincerity.

The mere risk of changing the natural behavior of the dog is enough to send any animal activist into a frenzy. This is because, by doing so, the dog may eventually form certain tendencies not usual to the natural canine. It may even be risky if the dog is for security purposes.

The anxiety and some funny behavior characteristics usually seen on most dogs with collars is a clear sign that this may have some health effects on the dog if not checked. This may not result in the dog being more obedient but may become even more aggressive this risking the life of the dog handler.

Not all dogs are meant to be for security purposes and so their barking all the time when something changes may not be necessary. Such dogs are better off with the shock collars for dogs. Household pets, for instance, have been seen to have a better response to the use of the dog collars.

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So What?

Dog collars may not be the most effective solution to impulse barking seen in dogs. There are more effective ways of taming a dog without having to give it physical punishment. Dog collar use in most instances is an unacceptable practice and is only used with a proper consultation of a trained dog handler.

Though the discussion is back and forth, the likely result experienced when the collars are used may b e quite mild. The dog trainer may be better off using more humane dog training methods. However, because of the controversy they attract, most people would even be better off without them.

Shock collars for dogs are risky and should be shunned at all costs. However, if the expert advice is of the opinion of their use, the whole training program must be handled by a proper dog trainer to insulate the dog against all the risks surrounding its use. If not, why not look for the other diverse dog handling and training techniques in the market? If you are interesting in a safety shock collars for your dogs read more on [Barkwise – Best Vibration Bark Control Collar Reviews]