Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control – Installing Tips

In the past, the prospect of literally having a hold on the whole neighborhood like a colossus was deemed to be a pipe dream. The sound of barking canines would control the air like some thick fog. That is not the case anymore with the ultrasonic dog bark control devices.

ultrasonic dog bark control installing

@Image: Dog Silencer: Humanely Stops Dog Barking (ultimatebarkcontrol.com)

The devices work on the principle of sound and are usually set up with a microphone that picks the dogs bark at every instant. This triggers a high-pitched sound signal from the microphone that then sends the sound back to the dog sending it into a confused state; the confusion stops the dog from barking at that instant.

The sound produced by the device is in most cases regarded to be harmless. It is this that has put the device on a pedestal to be among the best dog bark stoppage devices. The success it has recorded has made it useful in almost all the settings relevant to the dog keeper.

What’s so amazing with the ultrasonic dog bark control device is that this is the only device that can be used to control your neighbor’s noisy dog without having to cross his fence. The distance of its user coverage is however put into consideration. This is partly because of the nonphysical contact, the effects on the body and the reaction because of that may be quite minimal if the dog is not within the vicinity.

The diversity of the tools can only be seen with the influx of many outdoor and indoor dog bark control using this strategy. However, the only thing that the one using it has to keep in mind is the nature in which the devices are to be set up.

Installing Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control Devices Tips

  • Keep obstructions away– the presence of any obstructive material between the dog and the microphone or the remote controlled device can affect the nature of its working.
  • Height of installation– the ideal height of installing the device is usually at 5 feet above the ground. This allows the signal to pick effectively in line with the face of the dog. Also, the manner in which the device needs to be in direct line with the barking direction.
  • Control– habits are second to nature; control the dog’s contact with it occasionally. It will help save from having the device being part of its nature by switching it off when not needed. This also helps to allow the dog to perform its duties when not to be kept quiet.

While these devices have recorded immense success, the use of the ‘no shock technology’ employed in most of them has been cited as the best that ever happened to dog training. Most of them record a complete turnaround of success in ensuring that the dogs are kept as quiet as need.

Some of the devices have however not failed to attract immense criticism. The ability of the device to control the neighbor’s pet, for instance, can amount to a huge social and security breach if the canine in question is kept for security purposes. This can cause much litigation resulting to the payment of damages.

The case of the user protection comes to the fore when using these devices. Caution on their use needs to be taken to avoid the human user‘s ear from being affected in the process of its use.

Also, the dog may not fail to attack any intruder if need be. This is in spite of the criticism from animal activists; the effects observed with this bark control mechanism may not be permanent and so may not change the dog’s behavior as much.


Because of the rising use of the ultrasonic dog bark controls, there are many brands coming up in all shades of shape and color. Choosing the best device may prove to be the biggest challenge because of the almost duplicated features.

However, there are some which are regarded as the best which are sold in the market. Consultation with a qualified dog trainer may be the ice breaker in this respect. For the gurus, if you feel you have the relevant know-how, the choice is all yours. [Buy Your Dog Silencer Here!]