Why Get a Bark Collar for Teacup Chihuahua?

Teacup Chihuahua is naturally a tiny dog and may not be a real deal if you have them. However, cases could arise when they get quite excited or in some instances they could be provoked into some reactionary impulse. These may make them become restless and get their voice out, which is the point you need to look for a bark collar for teacup Chihuahua.

bark collar for teacup chihuahua

Because of their stature, getting an appropriate anti-barking device has not been that easy, this is coupled with the fact that these dogs are usually naturally not your normal aggressors.

Like all the canines, the diverse anti-barking collar devices may just suffice. The only difference is that the user will have to do at least several neck adjustments as well as on the signals to find just what suits the dog.

In most cases, the standard practice has never been drawn out when getting the collar for this category of dogs and one only need to use common sense and the use of trial and error. In some cases, the dog collar sprays may work efficiently depending on how your dog behaves.

Apart from the shock collars, there are other collar categories which may be just fine if used as bark collar for teacup Chihuahua, these are;

  • Sound devices– these usually emit certain piercing sound to the ear of the dog thus stops it on its barking tracks. The sound devices have been found to be quite effective in deterring dog barks.
  • Dog bark spray devices– which send a certain signal to the eye and nose of the dog in each instance it attempts to bark.
  • The ultrasound anti-barking collar devices- there are electronically oriented devices with the capacity of creating a high-frequency tone which is never pleasant to the dog. This ends up silencing the canine altogether.

The first two above methods are called the citronella collars and are usually used in the case of a dog owner looking for an alternative way of getting the dog to be quiet without the need for some collar on its neck. It is not lost to most people that the use of the mix of sound, spray and the collar may in some cases work so well.

What Are The Issues?

The humane touch of these collars is the main talking point when the topic on which collar suits the Chihuahua puppies. Also, the spray is usually scented with some sweet distracting smell which may just take off the attention of the dog on the angering stimuli.

However, being humane alone has been found to be not enough where dogs are concerned. This has made the preference to the collar devices over the citronella devices. The shock which the shock collars produce is usually enough to send the dog quiet.

Dogs are however naturally made to bark, and Chihuahua dogs are not an exception. The dog bark collar for teacup Chihuahua must take into account the fact that this natural behavior is maintained. What’s more, the user needs to know what cause the dog to be excited or aggressive and may just remove that altogether.

The need to keep the dog collars working in alleviating the dog bark noise from your environment may force you to use the dog bark collar for teacup Chihuahua only when you do not wish the dog to bark.

This may be when there are visitors or at a time when you need some sanity. When these important occasions are not there, you can have your dog enjoying the natural stimulus.

What Needs To Be Done?

The adage that ‘one needs to train his dog and so it shall live’ applies so well in the case of the Chihuahua dogs. They are not usually aggressive, and one only need to give them enough exposure with what needs to be done and not. It may take time, but these dogs are trainable if one cares.

Before starting the training of your dog using the bark collar for teacup Chihuahua devices. It is important to take stock of the change of behavior of your dog and then consult widely on which is the appropriate device to use. This is usually to avert cases f complaints which may even be more with the size of the dog in question.