Why You Need To Use The Dog Silencer Pro?

The problem with barking dogs has never got a perfect match like it is with the dog silencer pro. With an innovative touch, the original dog silencer has just gotten improved to have better bark control coverage and an additional remote control device to add.

dog silencer pro


Made to work with both the inaudible and the audible sound detection mechanisms, this ids surely effective in managing the barking dogs, especially when it is to do with the neighbors’. The distance it is made to cover makes it effectively pacify the neighbors’ dog without any problems.

The Enhanced Features

  • Cable– this is used in fitting the device at a safe distance where it can cover the intended target. This cable allows the device to be fitted ion the fence which makes it work well with the neighbors’ dog.
  • Speaker – the speaker, like on most of the dog bark devices sends an unpleasant sound at the barking dog which makes it silent. It is the speaker which is fitted with audible and inaudible sound transmission ports and is one of the most active parts of the device.
  • Wall fitting clippers– the presence of these only help in making sure that the components of the device which are essential are fixed securely on the wall.
  • Battery– the device is fitted with a battery power source which can work for longer than the normal. This has been proven to be twice as long as the normal bark stoppers in the market.
  • Bark detection– the distance that this device can cover goes beyond the normal competition. By detecting the barking at the range of 6 times better than the competition, this is surely going to give the user a foolproof way of having a peaceful environment.
  • Remote control– for those who want their devices to be free range in use, the remote control is triggered at any instance the dog bark is heard in the neighborhood. This allows for the dog owner to control his dog or any other dog within the vicinity of the range covered by the dog silencer pro. The device has been touted to be among the best in the market when it comes to the control of the ever barking dogs. However, the most notable benefits include;
  • Easily portable– this is one of the easiest devices to move around. With its small detachable parts, you can be sure of having a convenient storage and movement.
  • Durability– it is quite unbelievable how most of those who have purchased the device can say that this device can work for a continued period of more than one year without having any problems. This is proof enough that the use of the device can be enjoyed for longer periods without any fuss. It is even more pronounced given the fact that this is a device which is known to be weather resistant. With the feature, it can last as long as it is deemed to be whether fitted on the fence.
  • Human touch– the controversies attracted by most of the anti dog bark devices may not be seen with the use of the dog silencer pro. That is because, the innovative touch of the device was meant to provide solutions to the diverse problems which had been noted with shock devices.

Because it does not operate on shock, it is not likely to affect the canine health wise and so may be the best to use on any dog. Because it is easily automated, the device can work hands-free; thus the dog owner does not have to switch it on at impulse.

Mode Of Operation

The dog silencer pro is made to work with the principle of sound detection. When such happen, the trigger sends a highly pitched sound back to the barking dog. This sound is unique and is only heard by the target dog which scares it away from barking further. It only stops unnecessary barks, and so the reaction may not have any effect on the dog when it is carrying out its duty of protecting the owner though.

This simple yet effective technology has been praised as the best. However, with the cropping up of the diverse technologies in dog barking training, it is only wise to check if this is the best or if there are likely other which are even better.

Importance Note!!!

The new Dog Silencer has a stronger bark detection, wider coverage area, double the battery life and much more. For read more information on THE NEW DOG SILENCER, click to learn more on picture or link below.

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